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Fritters  |  10
Curry chickpea fritters, coconut cauliflower puree, pickled onions, parsley

Mushrooms | 14
portabellas wrapped in prosciutto, arugula, blue cheese, sage-brown butter

Lamb Meatballs | 11
spice ground lamb, broiled goat cheese, pickled raisins, chili-mint pistou

Ricotta | 11
flavours change often, served with crostini & prosciutto

Chef's Board | 20
meat + your choice of cheese, homemade pickles, fruit spreads, warm baguette

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Oysters | 2.5
served raw on the halfshell with horseradish & mignonette

Smoked Olives | 7
smoked in house with Hickory, warmed in olive oil

Marinated Olives | 8
a medley of olives, garlic & sherry lightly warmed in olive oil

Veggies & Romesco Sauce | 9
roasted market vegetables, candied pumpkin seeds

Beets | 8
homemade boursin cheese, toasted pistachio, fresh basil, truffle honey


Steak & Frites  | 28
6oz marinated Baretta Farms Alberta flat iron, hand cut fries, lemon & pepper tossed arugula salad
Recommended Medium

The Burger | 17
6 oz of grass-fed beef, smoked cheddar, bacaro sauce, caramelized
onion jam, pickles, tomato, served on a brioche with salad or fries
Mushrooms | 2  Bacon | 2.5

Farmer's Greens | 15                
crunchy cabbage, pumpkin seeds, fresh apple, beets, pickled blueberries, goat feta, white balsamic dijon vinaigrette

Chorizo Tagliatelle | 20
chorizo & tomato sauce, potato, black beans, red peppers, grana padano

Mussels | 17
One pound of salt spring island mussels, Canadian maple syrup, white
wine, roasted fennel & peppers, grilled garlic baguette