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Lead Staff

Benjamin Kilgour

Mike Wilkins
Executive Chef

Kristina Craft
Service Manager

Fraser Crawford
Bar Manager


bacaro comes from the italian slang for "bacchus", the god of wine

Bacaro opened in August of 2014 and immediately made its mark on Kelowna being a cozy and sleek wine bar slinging cocktails and tapas on Bernard ave overlooking the water. The mission since day one has been to incorporate seasonality and locality into both food and drinks. Chef Wilkins believes the key to tapas is intensity, you have less food on a plate to make a good impression, so make it count. The name Bacaro comes from the italian slang for "Bacchus", the god of wine. Modeled after a venetian tavern, Bacaro  delivers delicious eats, clever cocktails, craft beer, and local wine. On top of being a beautifully designed room, Bacaro functions as a comfortable, intimate venue for private parties, paired dinners, and any and all occasions



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